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Henry & Lee Once the Hardings moved to Utah, Salt Lake has been part of our Christmas road trip. Unfortunately we didn't make it there this winter and have been going through withdrawals all spring! We were coming up on a a year since we had seen the Hardings and over a year with several of our other Utah friends. So we decided to take advantage of the long weekend Katie had after returning from the Forum and head out to Provo. Lucky for us, it also coincided with Easter Weekend! 

Hike up Provo Canyon We flew in early Thursday evening and were able to catch up with Kim, Hillary, Laura and Adrian over dinner. Those couple of hours flew by and weren't there/together nearly long enough. We really do miss all our California friends who relocated back to Utah. Friday morning we headed down to Provo where we had the chance to catch up with some friends from our first married ward. They moved away to Virginia a few years ago and relocated to Utah recently. It was so fun to meet the new additions to their family and catch up with the rest of them!  

Decorating Easter Eggs After seeing the Felts we decided we would walk through campus. Lee hadn't ever been on BYU campus and I hadn't been back for nearly 20 years. Our meanderings took us by the Econ building where I bumped into an old professor and reminisced about my econ days. From there we headed to the Hardings where the girls were anxiously waiting for us!

Easter with the Hardings The weather was gorgeous that Easter weekend and we spent a fair amount of time outside. The girls wanted to hide and hunt for Easter eggs over and over again. They are also incredibly imaginative and spent hours playing games on their play structure and in the bushes. We loved every minute! The girls had a long list of things they wanted to do with us and we just didn't have enough time for everything. We did dye Easter eggs, have a fantastic egg hunt, go to the Bean Life Sciences Museum (seriously the coolest taxidermy I have ever seen - full size elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes...incredible!), hike/picnic up the Provo Canyon, dinner, ice cream, church. We packed it in. The girls have gotten so grown up and little Ruthie isn't so little anymore. We really had a wonderful weekend and continue to be deeply grateful for our friendship with the Hardings and all they do and have done for us.



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