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June 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Birthday Snacks My brother-in-law had a conference in San Francisco the second weekend in June and they opted to make a family vacation out of it. They spent the first half of the week in Mendocino and the second half of the week with us. The day before they arrived at our house, Owen turned 4! I was thrilled to have him at our house for his birthday week and went all out on a birthday celebration for him! Owen told me he wanted a "tree" party so I did lots of internet research and got my craft on.  I'm not really a crafty person and I haven't ever been a big cake fan - so in order to pull this off I practiced! I made a couple batches of cupcakes and frosting, purchased cake tips and practiced. The end result turned out pretty good! 

Birthday Cake! We had the party on Thursday afternoon/evening and the Tanner clan that was all in San Francisco came down for the party. Ay brought Mila down early and the cousins had so much fun running around in the backyard. We turned on the sprinkler and they had a ball. After Joy, Collin, Kook and Cal made it down, we fired up the grill and had amazing lamb burgers, an "apple" hunt, "tree cake" and strawberry ice cream (Lee found and made a new killer strawberry recipe). We had such a good time and the kids were up way too late. :) After the kids went down, the adults and one of the SF vehicles hung out around the fire until much later. It was a perfect way to soak up summer!

Family! Patrick was up in the city on Friday and Saturday and Lee went to work on Friday - so Abbie and I entertained the kids. We loaded them up and took them to Aqua Adventure. That place is perfect for young kids. They didn't want to leave and wanted to come back the following day. Plus, it was a great way to beat the intensifying heat that hit the bay area.  Friday afternoon Abbie hopped on BART to spend the evening (their anniversary) in San Francisco. So Lee and I had the kids. Owen and Stella are such good kids and it was an easy evening. They ran themselves to death in the backyard before a much needed bath and then easily went to sleep. In the morning we visited the park and got out a few wiggles before jumping into the car to go up to the city.   Lands End Labrynth Unfortunately for us, we were one of a million families who wanted to usher in summer and were on the roads. It took us 90 minutes to get to the city where we picked up Abbie and then drove out to the Lands End trail head. Fortune was with us though and we found a parking spot without even looking. We then hiked out to the labyrinth at Lands End. We threw Stella in a backpack and Owen was an awesome hiker. He did the two miles without complaint and was tougher than lots of the adults who complained hiking up the stairs.   Uncle Lee and Owen checking out the sailboats Owen absolutely loved the beach and the crashing waves and could have been there for hours if it weren't for the adults needing food. He's also really into mazes and had so much fun walking the human labyrinth and made it to the center first go. It was a great outing!  Before we headed home we stopped in at Joy's for a quick visit and goodbye. We've loved seeing so much of them the last few weeks.

Having the Archies was so much fun! We were sorry to see them go on Sunday morning and are excited they are coming back at the end of July! Lucky us!!  Photos from their time with us are here.


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