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Fun with the Pfaffenbachs

November 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Gus! We wrapped up our full summer of house guests with a visit from Lani and Kyle and Gus and Jack.  They came the Thursday before Labor Day and left the following Tuesday.  We took a different approach to their visit than we did with Abbie and her kids and spent the weekend in Fremont.  We avoided traffic and kept Gus happy by keeping him out of the car.  It actually turned out to be really enjoyable.

Our one big outing was to the bounce house.  We went on the Friday when kids were still in school and nearly had the place to ourselves.  They had balls, trampolines, slides – it was heaven for Jack and quiet enough that cute Gussy was even able to enjoy it.  We were sorry they didn’t offer up open jump again during the time the Pfaffenbachs were here, we would have liked to go back.  Jack bashing a few balls

The boys (including Kyle) LOVED our backyard and fake grass and we spent essentially the entire weekend  hanging out in our yard.  The first day they were here Kyle bought Jack a legitimate bat (metal and everything) and several wiffle balls and Jack bashed them all weekend long.  He wasn’t even three yet and those wiffle balls flew into our neighbor’s yard and on our roof.  The kid has skills!  While Jack had batting practice Gus devoured our juicy garden strawberries and climbed in and out of our new tent. 

Jack's "Practice" 3rd Birthday

But what may have been the highlight for me was throwing Jack a practice birthday party.  Jack’s world is pretty small and his exposure to birthday parties has been limited.  Since he was turning three just 10 days after leaving our house and I couldn’t stand the thought of not being there, I threw him a practice party.  To say Jack loves Elmo is an understatement, so I decided his birthday needed to be an Elmo party.  I made Elmo balloons, purchased Elmo paper ware, made Elmo rice krispie treats and we wrapped up lots of Jack's favorite things so he could get the hang of presents:  salt and vinegar chips, pistachios, bubbles, punch balloons, a little Elmo and a Pez machine.  While he loved all of them, he was super pumped about the Pez machine.  Jack LOVED his Pez Dispenser Somehow that boy has fallen in love with Pez YouTube videos and was so excited to get his first Pez machine.  It’s since provided hours and hours of entertainment.  The look on his face when he realized what he had opened was priceless. 

We had such a nice visit hanging out with the four of them.  It was relaxing, easy and wonderful.  So grateful they made the effort to come see us.


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