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The Crew When the fear of Hand, Foot, Mouth kept the Tanners from connecting with us over Thanksgiving, we schemed an alternate weekend to see each other.  Ayrowyn had several days off over the first weekend in February and the crew decided to meet up at Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho for the weekend.  Unfortunately, Lee had to work that weekend so I traveled alone.  I flew into Missoula where Abbie's family, Lani, Jack and Gus and my parents were waiting.  They had all spent the week together at Abbie's house.   My mom and I took Owen and Jack out for some fun Friday morning while Lani, Abbie and my dad got the vehicles loaded up.  We then left for Kellogg that Friday afternoon.    With the kiddos as young as they are (four kids between 3 and 30 months), my sisters wanted rooms for all in an effort to help foster sleep.  So we rented a fabulous house just a mile away from the resort where the 20+ others were staying and it worked out perfectly.

Everyone but the Kalemba crew skied both Friday and Saturday, so it was during the narrow window of post-ski and pre-kid meltdown that we got to do the majority of our visiting.  We were lucky enough to see four cousins and their families, aunts and uncles and adoptive aunts and uncles.  We hadn't all been together for close to three years and it was so great to catch up and meet the newest additions to the family.

Me and my kiddos Silver Mountain has an enormous indoor water park and while the skiers were on the slopes Saturday, the Kalembas and the Walbys took to the pool with the kids. Stella LOVED splashing in the water, Owen had fun on all the slides and Jack was obsessed with the park!  He loved it so much he powered through nap time and played for 4-5 hours at the park.  It also meant he crashed early and we didn't see him or Kyle Saturday night. 

Sunday felt short.  We all had the herculean task of packing up everything and getting out the door by checkout time.  From there everyone came together one last time for goodbyes before heading off in separate directions.  It was a lot of work pulling this weekend off (for everyone but me) and there was very little sleep to be had -- but it was worth it.  Love that family of mine!  The few pictures I took (mostly of ADORABLE Stella) are here.   




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