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It's 2017 and I'm months behind on processing our photos and even further behind on writing about them!  But Thanksgiving was great!  We were with the Merricks this year and at one point we wondered just where Thanksgiving dinner would be served.  Karlette's house is still being built, Bryce and Elaine are busting at the seams and Connor and Whitney just moved into a new home with a new born.  Things were/are a little nuts!  But Rochelle offered up her house and the crew traveled to spend the day together in Boise.

Turkey Trot! We arrived Wednesday evening and were welcomed with hugs from the twins that knocked us to the floor.  Within 60 seconds of our arrival they were begging for the "tickle monster".  Those two boys are just so much fun!  Rochelle had volunteered to make ALL the hot dishes for turkey dinner:  macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, green bean casserole, homemade stuffing, gravy and created a master plan for start and baking times for all.  It was impressive!  After the boys went to bed we prepped as much as we could chopping vegetables and reaffirming the plan.  Her incredibly levels of organization made for a leisurely Thanksgiving morning.   I even got out for a run and the twins joined me on their bikes for the first mile before they just couldn't handle one more minute of cold temperatures.

Movie Outing! Shortly after 1pm the family started arriving.  Things were a little nuts until after everything came out of the oven, off the stove and out of the crockpots. Everyone arrived from the Twin Falls area and we got to meet the newest Merrick - Owen (not to be confused with our Owen on the Kalemba side).  It was such a treat to meet that little guy and see Cord who was 9 months and so much fun.  Dinner was served at 4:10pm and after a delicious meal and record breaking clean up, the adults spent several hours looking at old photos Lee had scanned and uploaded to our site.  Cole had a story for every picture and it was really fun to hear them all and see pictures of everyone from 15 + years ago.  Max and Miles had to be consoled when they learned that their father hadn't been their mother's only kiss!  

Most everyone returned back to Twin Falls on Thanksgiving night but Elaine and her kids stayed.  The cousins had fun playing with each other the following morning and the big outing was taking the crew to see Moana.  We don't take kids to the movies nearly enough - we really should.  Watching kids watch the movie was more entertaining for me than the movie itself.  

Aunt Katie, Uncle Lee and Cord After the movie we said goodbye to the Adams family and drove out to Bruneau where we had a lovely visit with Lee's grandparents, uncle and cousin.  Lee's grandma pulled out a photo album I hadn't ever seen before full of pictures of Lee's dad and Lee as a kid.  One day I want to scan all those photos!  We then drove to Jerome where Whitney had prepared dinner for us, them and Cole and Aubrey.  We loved having the opportunity to see their newly purchased home and spend the evening with them.  That Saturday morning Cole and Connor had to work, but the rest of us went out to breakfast.  We certainly enjoy spending time with the family, especially the newest nephews! 

Our original plan was to stop in and see the Steiners for a little bit and then spend the evening out in Murtaugh with everyone.  But after a visit with the Steiners and with Karlette we realized the weather wasn't in our favor and if we were to stay Saturday night in Idaho we would have a long and rough trip home on Sunday.   So we unfortunately had to cut our trip a little short and left Twin Saturday afternoon and made it to Reno that night.  As disappointing as it was to leave unexpectedly, it was the right move.  Fortunately we were back just a few weeks later for Christmas. 


The few photos we took that weekend are here.









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