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Kalemba Visit

November 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Stanford vs Oregon State Each fall my parents pay us a visit, typically in October.  Our trip down South threw that timing out of whack this year and they postponed their trip for November.  Unfortunately that also meant a shorter trip but it still was fantastic.   They were able to spend five full days with us and I only had to work one of them.  They spent that one day in the city hanging out with Joy, Collin and Mila.

Each time they come we look to do something new.  This year we were able to get tickets to a performance at Bing Concert Hall on Stanford Campus.  Bing Concert Hall An acapella group out of Portland, Oregon had teamed with one of the computer departments at Stanford to produce an incredible performance.  The choir sang Byzantine chants over 1,000 years old, some of which hadn’t been heard live for over 500 years until that night of the performance.  And what made the performance even more amazing was that the computer folks were able to replicate the acoustics of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.  The notes reverberated through the concert hall for just over 12 seconds.  It was absolutely phenomenal.  They encouraged us to sit there with our eyes closed and be transported – and we were.  Definitely one of the coolest concerts I’ve ever attended.

Each year they also time their visit with a Stanford football game.  Unfortunately, Stanford’s performance this year is less than optimal but it was still a beautiful fall day and we enjoyed hanging out at the stadium. And somehow, Stanford managed to pull off a win.

Us at Point Reyes National Seashore Sunday afternoon Joy, Collin and Mila came down and joined us for dinner.  My dad had spent portions of the previous three days preparing Thomas Keller’s chicken pot pie and a pumpkin pecan pie for dessert.  He outdid himself.  That chicken pot pie is to die for.  AND he made enough that I had leftovers for two nights!  J

The last day of their visit while Lee was at work I took them up to Point Reyes National Seashore.  It was another gorgeous day and they hadn’t been to that part of the bay so it was a perfect outing.  We stopped in at the lighthouse, walked out to Chimney Rock and watched the elephant seals.  Perfect finish to a wonderful visit.  I hope they come back again soon!  Photos are here.


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