Lee and Katie | Memorial Day in Missouri

Memorial Day in Missouri

June 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Group picture Two years ago our good friends Nick and Erika were transferred to St. Louis for work.  We don't expect they will be in St. Louis all that much longer and took advantage to go visit them over Memorial Day.  Since we've already booked out our PTO days for the year, we weren't able to do more than a long weekend - but with direct flights, it totally worked!

We arrived Friday evening and chatted a bit before exhaustion won out.  We knew Saturday was going to be a full day!  

Outdoors at the city museum

The Blas' were perfect hosts and served up a great breakfast and had a great tourist agenda set up for us.  Our first stop was the City Museum.  Calling that 10-story jungle gym of reclaimed materials and creativity a museum is 100% misleading!  We were the biggest kids in the place and explored everything from the pipe organs, human sized hamster wheels, ramps, 10-story slides, tunnels, caves, ferris wheel, airplanes, old school buses to climbing the rebar tunnels high above the ground.  We loved every minute and were sorry when we had to leave in order to get lunch before heading over to the Arch for our 1pm reservation.

Gateway to the West - St. Louis Arch When in St. Louis, you must visit the Gateway Arch.  Unfortunately for us the grounds were under construction and we weren't able to see the lush greens and instead everything was surrounded by chain link fence. But even still, it was cool to see the arch - even if we did have to wait nearly 2 hours to get in the tiny little pod (holds 5 people) to take us to the top.  Experiencing the pod was interesting, but to be honest- the top of the arch was a little anti-climatic.  It's fairly narrow and definitely crowded and the windows looking out are quite small and covered in fingerprints.   We preferred looking at it over being inside of it. 

Forest Park

After the arch we headed back to the Blas home where we recouped a bit before heading out for BBQ and custard.  We couldn't not have either!  We loved spending time with cute little Jonathan and getting the chance to catch up and talk.

Sunday was another beautiful and hot day.  We went to church with Nick and Erika and then we all took a nap!  After an early dinner we headed into Forest Park and walked around the area near the art museum where there is a beautiful lake with several fountains.  We loved it.  Again, we enjoyed a leisurely evening catching up.


Katie and V - airport overlap

We all loved not going to work on Monday morning.  Instead we got up, went for a group run and hung out at the park with Jonathan before brunch, a corn hole match and lazed around until it was time for us to go to the airport.  We left Nick and Erika's a bit earlier so we could overlap with my cousin (head vball coach at Washington university) at the airport before heading out.  Our timing was off and while we had hoped to see her over the weekend, she headed out just as we came in and vice versa.  We were thrilled that we got to hang out at the American Bagel company at the airport for a couple of hours before heading home.  We love Vanessa.  We also loved St. Louis and would be very happy to go back.  So much more to see and do!

Pictures of our weekend are here:




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