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Owen's Third Birthday

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Owen's Bug Birthday Party As my sisters kids have turned one, two and now three, it has been so very hard on me to not be part of their special days.  I decided around Christmas time that I couldn't let another year go past without being part of the celebration for Owen's third birthday.    He is so aware of EVERYTHING and really into presents that I couldn't imagine missing out again! My parents were in the same boat and the four of us decided to invade Missoula in June for the big day! 

We arrived on a Thursday evening and then had two and a half days to spend with the family.  It was a very quick trip, but a super fun one.   That first morning I was lucky enough to take Mr. Owen to his music class.  He really enjoys music and it was a treat for me to watch him engage and participate.  Before heading home after class, we went to the "castle park" and rode the "horsie"  (aka carousel).   We had done both activities the summer before and it was amazing to see just how much he had grown up - both in stature and in boldness!  He loved crossing the "wobbly" bridge and even went down the super steep twirly slide!  

After the kiddos napped that afternoon we all loaded up and went to the pool.  And as much as Owen loves swimming, sweet Stella loves it that much more.  She looked adorable in her little ruffle suit as she sat in the shallow water splashing everyone and everything!  Unfortunately the pool time ended quickly when the weather changed and thunder rolled not too far away.  

Running Laps around the house Saturday was the day we chose to celebrate Owen's birthday.  He is fascinated by insects right now and so we bought him a set of 10 enormous plastic bugs.  While he waited patiently inside, Lee and I hid the bugs around the backyard.  Owen (with a parade of followers) then went on a bug hunt!  He LOVED it!  That afternoon while Owen slept we (me, my mom and Abbie) made Owen's cake.  Since he wanted a "bug" birthday we decided to make a caterpillar cake.  We were slightly limited by colors due to frosting preference (chocolate frosting with yellow cake) and we are no artists, but it turned out pretty cute!  We also decorated with bee, ladybug and caterpillar balloons.  It took Owen a few minutes to warm up to what was going on once he joined the party after his nap, but when he did - he loved it!  He had fun opening his presents.  (Number 1 hit was not a present but the singing birthday card we gave him.)  And he had even more fun with his cake!  He got a cupcake appetizer and was able to play with his gifts before dinner.  During this time the crew was trying to figure out how to help sweet Stella.  She was just not herself and a trip to Urgent Care was considered but delayed a couple of days.  Poor little girl was fighting a short-lived bug of some sort.   

Since Stella wasn't feeling well she turned in after a bath before Owen did by quite a while.  While unfortunate for Stella Bella, that meant that Owen got ALL the attention at dinner and dessert.  And boy was it a fun show to be part of.  We had delicious BBQ for dinner and then pulled out that caterpillar cake.  The birthday boy got the face of the caterpillar and with it all the decorative candy.  And for a kid who doesn't get sugar, this was a ROYAL treat.  He couldn't decide between his antennae suckers, the frosting on the cupcake, the ice cream or the decorations on the caterpillars face.  He went from tasting one to the other to the other.  Before too awful long he had a sucker in each hand and a blue tongue and was saying "I love antennaes!"   And when the first round of deliciousness was over, he looked at his mom who had a half-eaten cupcake on her plate and he asked "mama, can I have your cupcake?"  He put on quite the show for us and it was so much fun to be part of it.  I'm so grateful we were able to be there.

Once Owen was finished consuming sugar we all went outside and watched Owen attempt to burn it all off.  He ran laps around the house and then spent considerable time jumping on the trampoline before bed.  The kid was wired.  It was one of the most entertaining afternoons we've had in a long time!

Hiking at BLue Mountain Recreation Area Sunday was a short day for us and we had a plane to catch late that afternoon.  Despite Stella feeling under the weather, she was still such a pleasant little girl that we were able to load everyone out and go on a little hike that morning.  We drove out to Blue Mountain Recreation Area, walked about a mile, had lunch and then walked back.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids did great with the hike.  Abbie lives in some gorgeous country! It wasn't long before we had to leave to return home.   We had such a great weekend and it meant so much to me to be part of that special day!  I certainly love those kiddos!

Pictures from the weekend are here.






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