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Birthday fun in LG

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Slip-n-slide buddies All I wanted for my birthday this year was a long weekend in La Grande.  Very little beats a weekend at my parents in the summer.  They have a gorgeous backyard and are the best. hosts.ever.   Having Jack and Gus around the corner is also a very big draw.  Since it was a quick trip, we decided to fly and arrived super late the night of June 30th.  Only my dad was awake and I think it was because he was so excited to show us the amazing renovations to their kitchen and front of the house.  We benefited from that remodel all weekend long.....

Introducing Jack to the Slip-n-slide Friday, July 1 was Lani's birthday and my dad spent nearly the entire day slaving away in that gorgeous new kitchen making a killer meal (Beef Bourguignonne) for Lani.  We were lucky enough to share it with her.  While my dad cooked, the rest of us took the boys to the park and hung out in the backyards bashing balls and golfing with Jack.  Those two are kicks in the pants!

Introducing Jack to the Slip-n-slide My birthday (Saturday) started early and I had the chance to go for a run with one of my best friends from high school who has moved back to La Grande. We ended back at my parents house where fresh blueberry muffins were just coming out of the oven (compliments of Chef Monk) and then a couple hours later a remarkable cheese and garlic tart for brunch.   Most of the day was low-key and activities still revolve around naps.  But, at the end of the afternoon Jack and I darted to the local pool to get in a few water slide rides before returning home with a newly purchased Slip - N- Slide!  The way Jack loves to "slide" into "home" and his infatuation with water, I was convinced he would love a Slip-N-Slide.  So, on my 41st birthday I slipped and slid with Jack (had to show him the ropes) for the first time in over 30 years.  We had a great time, me and my slip-n-slide buddy.  For dinner my dad grilled, my mom made her famous potato salad and the mint dessert.  It's just what I want when I'm home in the summer!  It was a great day.

Sunday held church, more park, more balls, more delicious meals and more slip-n-slide.  Only this time Lani and Lee joined us.  :)  Hanging out in Lani's backyard was also really great.  As much as we love our new backyard, there is something about lush, real grass that can't be beat! Monday we were only there until about 2pm when we had to drive to Boise to catch our flight home.   I had a chance to get in another run with Rachel and then just hung out with my favorite little dudes.  It was a perfect weekend at home.  The only thing missing was another 3 - 4 days.

 As we pulled into Boise we received a text alert that our flight was running late.  We decided to swing by Zach and Rochelle's house on the off-chance that they would be home and not out and about for the 4th.  Lucky for us they were home!  We got to spend almost two hours with them catching up while we waited for our plane.  It worked out splendidly.  We certainly wish we got to see them more often too.  Those twins are unlike any other two on this planet and they just crack us up! 

Pictures of the boys are here.



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