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Busy, busy, summer.

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Yenifer June was incredibly busy.  We were out of town two weekends (Owen's third birthday and camping in Lassen) and the weekends we were around we had plenty going on!  We celebrated our 8th anniversary at a Brazilian restaurant in Palo Alto and Joy's 34th (?) birthday in the city.   We got to see friends we hadn't seen in ages and even Kook had come out for the party!  I completed my 10th year of tutoring at Beechwood School and watched four of my tutees graduate 8th grade:  Karla, Yenifer, Kate and Melissa.  And I said goodbye to one of my favorite people, Eric Getter who has been the volunteer coordinator at Beechwood since I started tutoring there in 2006.  The best part of my Monday afternoons was getting to catch up with Eric and I will miss seeing him and his family.  

June was also HOT!  One Friday night when it was hotter than normal and we could enjoy being outside without layers, we set up a projector in our backyard and had movie night.  With our modular patio furniture we were able to be quite comfortable and it was fun to mix it up.   And on the last Saturday in June we joined the Gutierrez family and watched the San Jose Earthquakes play the LA Galaxy at Stanford Stadium.  I don't remember who won, but we enjoyed the game, visiting with friends and were in our seats early enough to watch the parachuters carry in the American flag and the game ball.   We also stayed after the game for the fireworks and they were incredible!  

We had planned on July being a calmer month, but in the end it ended up being nearly just as nuts!  While we were only out of town one weekend, we had lots of visitors and we decided just two weeks prior to our multi-day packtrip in Yosemite to get a couple of hikes and a few miles under our belt.  Our first set of visitors was Lori Jo and her kids (future post coming) and just two days after they departed, Lee's cousin and his family stayed with us for a couple of nights.  We never knew our house could sleep 9!  

The couple of Saturdays we were able to get out and hike we picked new places to explore.  The first was Oakland Redwood Regional Park and the second was China Camp State Park.  Our hike in Oakland Redwood was probably just six miles and the first half of it was within beautiful young redwoods and the trail led us to Redwood Peak.  The return part of the loop wasn't quite as impressive, but it was good to get out.   Our hike in China Camp was a few miles longer and made it very clear to me I needed a new pack otherwise I was not going to survive 55 miles in Yosemite.   We haven't spent much time in San Pablo Bay area and it was beautiful!  Early on in the hike we had gorgeous views of the Richmond bridge and the bay and we kept trying to get higher and higher throughout the day to see more of those views.  We never succeeded.  But we enjoyed the bay and successfully avoided the most intense and largest growths of Poison Oak we may have ever encountered.  It was a lovely day!

China Camp State Park


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