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Time with my Boys (and Stella)

April 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the hardest things about living in California is that I don't get to see my nieces and nephews nearly often enough. If I could, I'd see everyone once a month! But there just aren't enough weekends in the month for me/us to pull that off.  But late this winter both Abbie and Lani were at home alone while their husbands were out of town and I managed a couple of long weekends to visit each of them.

Winter Wonderland The first was a trip to Montana the last weekend of February. I arrived Friday night just before Owen went down to bed and left Monday afternoon. Abbie and kids had been in Portland and returned home just a few hours before I arrived. The kids (especially Owen) were so happy to be back at home. Owen didn't want to leave the house under any circumstance. His ideal day was "staying at home and crafting all day"! He was disappointed when his suggestion that he and I stay home while Abbie grocery shopped didn't go over with mom. He's definitely my little buddy and doesn't quite know what to do when he doesn't have my full attention. In fact, as I was unloading groceries that afternoon he said "Katie, why are you being busy?"  I guess that is an indicator of how little I do to help around the house when I'm there. It's always all about Owen!  :)  Stella is growing up though and developing quite a personality. I'm looking forward to spending time with her this summer when they come to visit. Unfortunately she got a 24 stomach bug the Sunday I was there and was not herself. The days flew by and I'm not quite sure how or where they went. The snow kept us in doors as did hours of crafting.  We did make and decorate Star Wars cookies and the kids fell in love with Trolls. I love visiting that crew and wish Missoula were easier to get to! As I was leaving I realized I didn't pull my real camera out once. I guess that speaks to how chill the weekend was.

Green Pancakes




Not even three weeks later I traveled to Oregon for a weekend in LG with my parents, Lani and the boys. Rather than spend 10 hours in the car to pick me up and return me to the airport that weekend, my dad spent twice that amount of time in the kitchen. He spoiled me with his culinary skills! It started with bouchons the night I arrived and were followed by homemade scones that take scones to an entirely new level, oatmeal pecan cookies, and homemade croissants. And for dinner, my favorite - beef bourguignon.  I needed to be rolled home.  I've always loved going home to visit, but my dad has taken cooking to another level and it's pretty amazing to be fed in that kitchen. Outside of meals, we spent most of our time at Lani's house with the boys. Dad's Amazing Scones! I was there on Green Day (St. Patrick's Day) and had so much fun with Jack! We made green pancakes, green shamrock sugar cookies, went on a treasure hunt with Lucky the leprechaun and ate green food. Both Jack and Gus loved it. Jack was so happy I was there (we've really come a long way!) and Gussy is adorable. We were fortunate that it only rained one day I was there and we got to spend time outdoors with the boys. They certainly love bats, balls and parks!





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