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Where does the time go?

April 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Monday will be May 1 and I'm having a hard time knowing where the last four months have disappeared to. Ironically, perhaps the amount of time we spend in our car commuting to and from work makes our days and weeks that much shorter. That or it's true that time speeds up as we age. Whatever it is, it's crazy. When I think back over the last four months there are few things that are worth me remembering....

San Francisco Women's March On January 21, I joined hundreds of thousands of women across the United States and the world in the Women's March. I felt privileged to be part of history and to participate in the largest single-day protest in U.S. History. My decision to walk that day was not because a republican took office, but because the man who now leads our country does not demonstrate respect for women. I marched in opposition to fear and prejudice and for the protection of minorities and immigrants. I marched for human and civil rights, for the sustainability of our planet, and to defend the dignity of girls and women.  What an honor it was to walk with thousands of others in peaceful protest. The energy, camaraderie and friendliness among marchers, men and women alike, was a special thing to have experienced.

In February, my Subaru - my first car, purchased in 2003 died. One cold morning I went out to start it and when I disengaged the clutch the engine died. Turns out it needed a new transmission and being 14 years old, it would have cost more to repair it than it was worth.  After hours and hours of Lee's time researching vehicles and a few test drives, we decided on the new Honda AWD CRV. They are awfully hard to find these days and we were fortunate that on March 2 we drove the car off the lot (with less than 6 miles on the odometer) home. We LOVE our new car!Boy has technology advanced in the last 14 years since our last car purchases.

In March we saw Luzia - the most recent Cirque du Soleil that came through the Bay Area.  This was one of our favorites!  They utilized water in some really neat ways and the acts were fascinating. Definitely one of the best of the traveling shows we've seen!

In January we also spent all our free time (nights and weekends) rearranging, sanding and painting the garage. We made some serious progress but our energy has fizzled and we're only half way done. Here's to hoping we somehow pick up steam and can wrap this up before the end of the year.  :)

The Whole Gang! And just last week and weekend we were able to spend time with several of our friends who have moved away who returned to celebrate a friend's wedding.  Among those who came into town were Nick and Erika and their little boys. We were able to offer them a place to stay for several nights and we loved catching up with them, meeting Benjamin and being entertained by Jonathan. We also hosted a BBQ in between wedding events and got a little bit of time with the whole gang. We loved it.

Now we're gearing up for what is likely a busy couple of months!


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